The first album Vincent executive produced, “Introducing The Eleventh House” with Larry Coryell, 1974

Vincent found himself at the right place, at the right time when Fusion Jazz was born. He was promoting avant garde singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist visual artist Captain Beefheart and needed an opening act for their show at 66 and Second Ave Theater NYC (the Anderson Theater). Vincent had heard great buzz about Larry Coryell, who was playing at the nearby jazz club, Slugs. Larry was transitioning from acoustic to electric guitar and would go on to be known as “the godfather of jazz fusion”. Vincent worked a deal with Larry and the Slugs club owner to have Larry back in time to play for his evening set. Vincent also worked a deal with Hell’s Angels, their headquarters were around the corner, who demanded to get into the show for free. Vince gave them free tickets to the show with a promise to behave. Vincent then became Larry’s manager, and for a short while worked from an office at Vanguard Records headquarters, even though he wasn’t an employee! Vincent went on to Executive Produce, along with Tom Paine, many of Larry and The Eleventh House’s critically acclaimed albums.