Vincent at Woodstock, 1969

The Vietnam War was in full swing after Vincent graduated. He had a 3-A deferment, as he was his mother’s caregiver, but gave it up and entered the draft. His number was never called so he went in search of employment.

He worked in the back room of investment firm White, Weld & Co. on Wall Street. Although he didn’t have a college degree he was hired to work in the backroom and gained insight into what trading stocks looked like before it was run by computers. The entertainment industry dream was still on his mind. He applied at a local company, Precision Film, and discovered after the fact, that they were in the film industry, but just developing photographic film. Not exactly what he was aiming for.

In 1969, Vincent was staying at a friend’s house in White Lake, New York, just five miles down the road from Yasgur’s Farm. He ended up working for a food vendor, making sandwiches for the landmark Woodstock Festival. Exciting things everywhere but still no real entertainment path for Vince.