Vincent’s high school graduation photo, 1966

Vincent Cirrincione is the definition of “self made man”. Born in Brooklyn from humble beginnings there was no easy path to success, but he always knew he had a passion from early in life for the entertainment business.

That passion was not as a performer, but as a leader, the person who made things happen. He had a brilliant ability to adapt quickly and that propelled his five-decade success in a variety of entertainment fields that include music, film, television, and theater. Many of Vincent’s career accomplishments took many years to achieve, but he ultimately made those deals and awards and acclaim followed. The real joy for him was letting his clients shine.

He championed for each of his clients and worked to make sure they received the opportunities of life-changing roles, prime contracts and fair deals. Known as a proactive and aggressive negotiator, Vincent was there to help launch the careers of many artists. He firmly believes in fighting for the underdog and knew that each of his clients, famous or soon to be famous, deserved to be treated with respect. Vincent’s career made history. It is a journey of inclusion and diversity. He sought the fair treatment for artists of color. He never took the easy path.